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Тема: LSDivision Voodoo Contest

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    Россия, Москва

    LSDivision Voodoo Contest

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    Prada handbags

    Sometimes the right hand you can receive is a superb, firm push. In 2013 Prada Handbags, fashion week show multiple style in hand! If we may have learned, Prada in spring 2013 Men series, the combination of inspiration originates from business likes to show off classical tradition and exquisite crafts and arts leather craft, also endowed with increased modern fashion shape and practical function. Prada, a modified upgrade because core series products, introduce new colors and textures. New Crosby Slim Commuter in classic leather high-end handbags, business lines in your top eggs constructed from leather and canvas into innovation in new style elements, while preserving business carries a long good technology. However, so that they can track recreational style is given priority to dozen of Cheap Prada Bags series, with many new modelling is refreshing in the year, for instance the Prada Tote Bags. New series, the classic still concave stripes within the design, but on modelling and color collocation are definitely more abundant. Bleecker Debossed Stripe Duffle and Debossed Stripe Tote, in dark blue, navy blue, sand color again. A brand new small leather match colors used in identical, for example Bleecker Debossed Stripe Accordion Wallet and Coin Wallet. Polishing hand, the top quality made out of thick gloves leather bestselling classic Prada Canvas Tote, also in the colors of year ?blue and green. In classic style within inspiration of Prada Designer Shoulder Bags, therefore, in the spring of 2013 Legacy series fusion of classical design and contemporary modelling, adopt new colors and patterns. Legacy leather covers the core about this series, from improved because Prada Nappa Tote Bags, the original light of thick gloves leather cowhide glove, the superior material, the fashion of luxury pinhole leather. Series of items are decorated together with the Legacy of artificial cutting, edge grinding by hand to earn leather tassels.

    Prada Canvas Toteof the fresh top quality Canvas when using the meticulous and pragmatic type work clothes, made using the highest quality durable Canvas, with classic Prada saddle leather upholstery and signature Prada Leather Bags, the spin lock. Bleecker City than Canvas with leather trim, big part the Bleecker City Tote is delicate and chic. 2010, at the same time, the Bleecker Canvas Tote will return, hand-made by upgrade to leather, enable you to can savor the process of luxury in immediately. Prada Canvas Tote are Woven for the Woven leather grain Sell to visible on the Bag, special texture show masculinity. Additionally, canvas coating Prada Canvas Tote Signature relating to the back this coming year, even the new leather trimming male style, more show highlights the core within the a line style: including utility model Bleecker Signature Messenger, concise Prada Fringed Handbags, new Monogram service Tote and popular designs of Boston Bag. Perhaps, Legacy series is inspired because of the COACH, the most iconic style, return to glory regarding who the winner with new concepts: Legacy Archival series again bring leather sewing, no lining interior and custom accessories, these ingredients have the Prada classic Men leather in your sixties and seventies belonging to the Twentieth century. This series of products include Legacy Archival Suitcase ?1963 series of engraving; Prada Cowhide Handbags, faithful to very first traditional style and Legacy Archival Twill Messenger. Anyway, fashion line, small iconic light leather accessories match the appearance of face lines, these design elements given specially for fashionable personage Thompson series more halfback modelling. Thompson Foldover Tote, brand identity low-key reservation, by having a very introvert deep color, including cigar/persimmon orange and blue/green clover. And Cheap Prada Wallets is incorporated clover green, royal blue and grey tone, that has a simple mahogany leather complement the other.

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